How much does it cost for aerial drone filming and/or photography?

Prices for aerial drone filming are from ” – “. Prices for aerial drone photography are from “-” Please contact us here to discuss your requirements.

Are you licensed and qualified to operate commercially?

Yes. Skyvr has “permissions for aerial work” granted by the UK Civil Aviation Authority. Skyvr pilots have the BNUC-S Qualification for flying unmanned aerial vehicles.

Is Skyvr fully insured?

Yes. As long as we adhere to operating guidelines and rules laid out by the CAA, the company is fully insured and we also have £5 million public liability cover.

How many people are required to operate your aerial drone equipment?

Our aerial drones require two operators, a qualified UAV pilot to fly and a secondary camera operator who frames the shots. For certain specific aerial drone photographic work, it may be possible to operate without a dedicated camera operator.

Do your aerial drones fly in rain?

No, as our drones are powered by batteries.

Can you fly your aerial drones in strong winds?

Winds over 15mph make it difficult to create smooth and steady shots.

How fast can your aerial drones fly and film?

About 25/30 mph.

How long do the batteries last?

We fly our aerial drones with a series of batteries on board and depending on the payload (camera weight) and the weather we get between 6 and 10 minutes per set of batteries. We carry multiple sets with us and can recharge on site from our vehicle or our generator.

How many aerial drones do you have?

We currently have 2 aerial drones. Both are capable of flying by GPS or by Manual control. One carries a Go Pro 3 on a stabilized gimbal and the other carries a Panasonic GH-4 4K camera. We can provide heavy lift aircraft for cameras such as Red Epic on request.

Is it safe to fly aerial drones over actors/crowds?

Safety is our main priority and we NEVER fly over an audience or crowd who are not in our control and who are not briefed on the emergency procedures. Most of the time however we are able to fly next to actors/ audiences with a clear flight line and make it look like we are over them.

Can you fly your aerial drones indoors?

Yes, providing the area inside is big enough.

Is aerial drone filming safe?

Yes. We have very strict safety measures in place and every aerial drone is flight tested by an inspector before it commences operation. We also have onboard safety measures and, at the flick of a switch, the aircraft will come “home” and land by itself. The same procedure is in place should the batteries run low or we lose communication with the craft.

What is the maximum operating distance for your aerial drones?

By law we have to be able to see the aerial drone aircraft, so there has to be an uninterrupted line of sight between pilot and drone. The maximum radius we can fly away from us is 500m (although we can use a vehicle to fly from to extend the range). We are also limited to 400ft in height; however it is sometimes possible to get permission to fly higher.

How do you know the shot is right?

We have a live stream down to a monitor, which enables you to ensure framing is correct.

What is the largest camera that you can fly your aerial drones with?

We use the Panasonic Lumix GH-4 4K camera for most of our aerial work but can carry a range of cameras up to 3.2kg when required.

Can you control the camera from the ground?

Yes, we can remote control pan 360 and tilt. We have our own experienced camera operators, but are happy to work with your crew should you wish to manage the camera control. We will provide basic training on the camera control system before drone flights begin, if needed.