Need To Know: Important Tricks On RAID Shadow Legends On Android That Nobody Knows (Updated)

Since he already has an extra turn with one of his skills it may be smart to equip him with Relentless Set and provides him with more opportunity for Extra Turns. If you can’t do that equip him with 3 Speed Sets which is always a safe choice for someone who needs to play as more often as he can. Since he can heal with his basic ability it is obvious that he should be equipped with 1 Retaliation Set and 1 Speed Set. All these skills make him very versatile in any situation even in Clan Boss. He won’t be the greatest in Clan Boss but he can have some usability there.

With the indicator system, you can easily improve your chances of winning by attacking enemies that are weak against your affinity and thereby increase your damage output. There is even a rare shard, the Void Shard, which only summons void champions and is considered the second-best shard in the game, only beaten by the Sacred Shard. Because of this, void champions are more reliable, and therefore often considered the best affinity in the game.

Everyone Talking About All The Bots In The Arena And Im Like ..

But, do note that the HP Burn can only be used once at the same time. Having multiple Champions having HP Burn in your team at the same time doesn’t work very well. These abilities can do tons of damage to the boss every single turn. They should have low cooldown or should have a primary attack with buff/debuff.

Kaelis the best choice for your first champion because of how diverse his abilities are depending on how you build him and the equipment sets that you use for him in the game. Kael has 2 abilities that poison your opponent with ticking damage over time on the enemy champion. Poison is one of the most effective ways to get damage into clan boss and the later stages of dungeons where you will farm gear for your champions.

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Which makes us a hint that the developers, when they created this champion, saw her in the arena, but she’s so good that she’s used everywhere. There is an aura of speeding up allies on the arena for 30%. She has decrese speed debuff along with decrese turn meter on her A1. What she does is landing the strong version of decrease defense on a three-turn cooldown. That’s exactly what we’re looking for and it has a 100% chance of landing. Providing her accuracy high enough you will push her usability to the maximum.

  • There are talents that a champion doesn’t need at all, but will be needed by another.
  • Krisks’ first skill called ”Enter Morass” is an AoE that has a 30% chance of debuffing a target by decreasing their speed by 30%.
  • Only available in the Arena chests this set is mix of Offense and Shield set.
  • Critical chance – + 12% to a chance to cause critical damage.
  • Frost – Grants the Champion a 20% chance of applying a debuff for 1 turn when attacked by an enemy Champion.
  • Arbiter is the Champion who is available for everyone after completing all Progress Missions in the game and because of that, she is very important.

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