8 Key Areas You Can Massage Daily With A Handheld Massager

It’s done through a series of rapid movements over a spot on the body for a short period of time. While it looks a little violent, this style of massage can relax your muscles and is effective for athletes. You can even choose to have a heated massage to boost recovery of tight or sore muscles.

You can also check out our lower back pain relief products reviews. When it’s performed by a professional masseur, the tapping massage technique involves pounding and striking actions that the masseur applies with his fists. The handheld massager manages to simulate this movement using the massage heads. The attachments will strike your body repeatedly, stimulating your blood flow and increasing your muscle’s elasticity and the local temperature.

What To Look For In A Massager

Handheld massagers come with a load of positive health benefits. Fortunately, handheld massagers are quite safe, and can be used by just about anybody. The CM-05 is still more expensive than most of the other massagers on this list.

It features the dual pivoting massage heads that provide up to 3,100 pulses per minute. Comes with 6 massage heads, it generates up to 3200 pulses per minute and it can last 120 minutes in one full charge. It weighs less than 2 pounds – 1.8lbs to be exact and it is cordless. It also gives one of the best deep tissue massage with up to 3,200 percussion per minute. There are 3 speed levels to choose from, and it truly feels like your muscles are being medically treated by a professional masseuse.

Our 10 Best Handheld Massager

It boasts a sleek design that is unlike anything else out there on the market and has a few design features that make it stand out from the pack. If you need something super powerful to really penetrate down deep, this design from TimTam is a great option. By using percussive movements instead of just simple vibration, it is able to penetrate much deeper into larger muscle groups such as hamstrings. This option may cost quite a bit more, but it is a great option for athletes that are looking for power. What makes this option stand out from the pack is that it uses percussive beats to loosen even the tightest of muscles – and that includes tight hamstrings! The entire heat moves up and down at great speeds to really penetrate deep into muscles.

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This Strategist-Approved, Ergonomic Handheld Massager Is 20 Percent Off.

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Apply the gun to the areas around it to gradually work out the knot. The Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager provides a comfortable and relaxing massage for your back, arms, feet, neck or legs. The pillow-style device can be used in bed, on the couch or attached to chairs using the built-in elastic straps. It delivers a shiatsu massage using nodes that change direction every 60 seconds for a more varied treatment.

If you’re experiencing regular pain or tension, speak to your doctor or physical therapist for advice and to ask whether one of the best handheld massagers is the right approach for you. We’d also recommend looking at what you’re sleeping on, as a poor bed can cause all sorts of posture issues. The GINTELL G-Relax Plus Handheld Massager provides you with the ease, convenience and functionality to let you massage yourself in the comfort of your home.

We tried it several times, even letting the massager run for 15 minutes, and the only heat we felt was a barely perceptible warmth. We also found that the power button is too close to the high end of the handle, and several times during our testing we accidentally shut the massager off. The Renpho weighs a little bit more than the PureWave, and its single-head motor is a little wider.

The 5 Best Handheld Massager In Malaysia

It weighs just 2.2 pounds and its 90-degree articulating head makes it easier to target hard-to-reach places. Plus, it comes with a heat setting that can help soothe sore muscles even more. Tool attachments and multiple massage modes are nice bonuses too. The Wahl handheld massager provides great versatility, thanks to its four unique massage heads. You get a deep muscle massage, designed to help with soreness in all your body’s muscles. You also receive a four finger flex massage head, ideal for areas like the neck, where you will definitely enjoy a human-like feel from the massager.

Using the guide and reading handheld massager reviews here, you can quickly find a handheld massager that suits your specific needs. The answer to that question will help you widdle down your options and save you a lot of time. If you want to travel, you should probably opt for one of the battery powered handheld massagers. You may also want to choose one of the options that weighs under 2 pounds.

Undoubtedly all of these 10 massagers are great and very usable. You can use them for your personal use, and these are great to give you relief from any fatigue. If you are wondering what our final verdict is then, we will not keep you waiting for long. Firstly, we figured out what are the top massagers available in the market right now. Then, secondly, we bought the top ones that are suggested by the market analyzers of our company. Thirdly, we used each product on ourselves so that we can give the best review to our readers.

The versatile design delivers 3D deep shiatsu massage using eight rotating nodes, which also provide gentle warmth to soothe muscle pain while increasing blood circulation. This device is great for use at home, at the office or even in the car using the in-car power adapter. The well-reviewed device also includes a 20-minute timer setting for more relaxed yet timed sessions. With its handy, elongated handle and extra-long power cord, the VIKTOR JURGEN Handheld Back Massager is a budget-friendly answer to your daily massage needs. The device includes several intensity levels and three interchangeable heads, namely acupuncture, air cushion and deep shiatsu, allowing you to target different muscle groups. You’ll also find that the double head feels just like a real masseuse’s hands and can be used for deep, percussive massage of your back, neck, shoulder, upper back, arms, legs and feet.

Give yourself stimulation and enjoy your relaxed body with HoMedics. It’s a lightweight, portable massager that can go anywhere with you to allow you the confidence to be fit and active. The ergonomic handle makes it easy to use and handle the massager. You can get real peace when you can have a non-stop massaging at your most fatigued muscles.

It has a portable, handheld design with an electric motor that offers a soothing deep tissue massage fast. Thus, whether you are an athlete or an everyday Joe or Jane, a new one will come to your aid at home or on the road. You can also use it on sensitive areas such as the neck and check to relax or ease pain. The Pure-Wave CM-07 is a versatile massager that comes with six attachments designed best handheld massager to target different body parts and types of pain. The percussive setting is good for deep tissue massage on sore muscles, while the micro-vibration motor is gentle enough for the face, scalp, and other sensitive areas. The Mighty Bliss Deep Tissue also comes with six massage heads and has a powerful percussive motor, but unlike the Pure-Wave CM-07, it does not provide micro-vibrations.

Best Myofascial Massager:

Purewave is battery operated, so don’t worry about getting tangled in messy cords. However some users reported problems with the charger and report that the device doesn’t hold a charge for very long. Plenty of customers rave that Purewave is good for regular muscle. But you should also give it a try if you need to increase your circulation or break down scar tissue. What sets the Purewave cm-07 apart from the competition is their patented dual motor design, which offers two very different kinds of experience. Manual pieces have little to no noise, making them ideal for office or gym use.

And if your priority is to ease deep muscle tension and soreness, then the higher speed works at such times. Therefore, it’s good to own a massager that offers the best of both worlds. Small, compact massagers like massage guns are perfect for front body areas. But for hard-to-reach places, you might need a longer unit with a comfortable-to-grip handle. The handheld massager uses its different heads to deliver short, rapid pulses deep into your muscles. When it comes to a smart, artistic, and ergonomic design, RecoveryVolt Massage Gun is the best on this list.

Timtam All New Power Massager

The TheraTub massager is specially designed to massage aching muscles. This unit comes with three different sets of massage heads to provide a good massage experience. They improve your local circulation and make your sore muscles relax, so they will relieve the pain. We began each test at the lowest intensity level and massaged for 5 minutes before increasing the intensity and massaging the same area again. All of the massagers have three intensity levels, so each muscle was massaged for 15 minutes, which is the recommended time for using a handheld massager. However, if an attachment was painful to use we stopped and moved on to another attachment.

You can customize your massage by swapping between nodes, and it provides 3 different styles of percussion massage. The HoMedics massager is more expensive than the Nursal, but generally at a lower price point compared to most percussion massagers. Its small size, light weight and curved ergonomic design makes it easy and comfortable to reach your back. If you want a massager that provides simple percussion therapy, the dual-node massager with 3 different massage styles is more than what you’re looking for. While you don’t need heat to get a good massage, research shows that the application of heat during a massage improves pain relief .

Featuring multidirectional arm positions to make any sore part of the body reachable without strain or discomfort, the convenience doesn’t stop there. Below, discover the best deep tissue massagers to buy right now. Those keen to get the most out of their massager will love its Bluetooth capability, allowing it to be synced with the Therabody app to create synchronised wellness routines. It’s quieter than the average electric toothbrush, so you can also relax fully without being bothered by the noise. We’ve picked out a wide range of the best massagers right now for all types of home therapy. If you’re feeing the stress in these tense times, having one of the best massagers to hand can be a brilliant way to help you feel better.

First, you get six interchangeable heads that support different massage types. Depending on the muscle group that you are targeting, you can adjust its speed up and down for the best results. InvoSpa is a powerful percussion massager with a rechargeable Li-ion battery with a 3-6 hour runtime. It is portable, easy to set up, and has a quiet brushless motor with six adjustable speeds. Alyne is a powerful and compact percussion massager that can penetrate and soothe all areas of the body. However, if pain or tightness persists, seek professional chiropractic care to get your back, neck, or joints checked out.

This handheld massager from Hangsun is deeply relaxing and powerful with up to 3500 pulses per minute of massaging speed. Theragun’s premier handheld massager comes with a variety of attachments with different levels of firmness, allowing you to tailor your massage to your current needs. The adjustable arm alsotargets hard-to-reach areas and puts less pressure on your wrists and joints. Perfect for relieving pain, this quiet yet powerful tool is also a must-have for athletes and anyone looking for serious relief. It is also one of the more difficult pains to get rid of, even with a handheld massager.

This allows you to vary your massage based on the desired intensity and type of massage you need. This handheld massage gun has a powerful motor to deliver comforting massage effects all over the body. It comes with many different attachments so you can easily customize your massage.

She’s always exploring the latest and greatest health gadgets as they enter the market, but more importantly, she looks for scientific research that validates their claims. Portable and lightweight, it comes with a compact carrying case and delivers 35 pounds of force for maximum on-the-go treatment. The OLED screen keeps track of your speed and pressure level, and you can customize it from your smartphone.

  • This style of massage is good for most healthy people, though the intensity level can be high.
  • Muscle pain is partly attributed to tension, and this is where the massager steps in.
  • The CM-07 is unique in that it possesses a completely different head at the bottom of the massager for effective facial massages.
  • It won’t cause you to lose your grip on the massager while you’re trying to reach your back.
  • A massager is your companion when you can’t afford to go to a professional massage therapist.
  • This massage gun from Taotronics has a powerful motor to deliver soothing and relaxing massages to your legs, feet, arms, and more.
  • It can help reduce and eliminate muscle tension, inflammation, and irritating knots that occur in the muscle tissue.
  • You have read about the pros and cons of each product we have reviewed, and you probably already have a budget in mind.

“I have really enjoyed the stretch it allows for my back, while still feeling supported,” one reviewer writes. Now that you know exactly what to look for in a back massager, here are some of the best devices around, according to physical therapists, trainers, and massage therapists. If you happen to suffer from arthritis, such a hand-held massager can prove extremely useful. We do our best to be honest and transparent when it comes to our reviews. As a reminder, BestyBesty may collect a share of sales or compensation from the links on our site. The LED is quite delicate and shows even the power level for the battery.

We do extensive research and hands-on testing, so you can trust the products we recommend. All of our reviews are unsponsored, so we earn money by using affiliate links. Vibration intensity is controlled by the power button rather than a separate switch or dial. When you want to turn the unit off, you need to cycle through the three intensity levels first. The Renpho isn’t as sophisticated or lightweight as our top pick, but it will give you a soothing or invigorating massage at a lower price.

In other areas like the big muscles of the thighs, you’ll want a deep-tissue massager. When you can purchase a massager with various speed and intensity settings, you’re getting great versatility. Relaxation – We all know that massages are relaxing, and handheld massagers are no different.

While this limits where you can use the device, it shouldn’t be a huge factor since there is likely a wall socket near your bed or couch. The high speed of the massager provides a maximum of 3,100 beats per minute. That can be therapeutic to those who need a more intense massage. The settings can be changed while the massager is being used on the muscle to get the correct speed and intensity. Some of the best massagers have many features and one of them is heated massage.

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